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Training Mind Body and Spirit

Training Mind Body and Spirit

Training Mind Body and Spirit Training Mind Body and Spirit

Grandmaster Marco DiScipio

Grandmaster Marco DiScipio, 8th Dan, has been practicing Tang Soo Do since 1982.  He began studying the Korean fighting practice with Grandmaster Richard Byrne, the founder of the American Tang Soo Do Association (ATA) which is recognized as the oldest, continually-running Tang Soo Do association in the United States.

In 2012, Kwan Jang Nim DiScipiotook over as the leader of the ATA after the sudden passing of its founder.  He continued in the role of Grandmaster forging connections with other Tang Soo Do practitioners worldwide while continuing to innovate and grow our fighting art and the ATA.

Grandmaster DiScipio opened his first school, Salem Street Studio in 1991.  This, the second longest running school in Massachusetts, has grown the headquarters of the ATA and a center for the practice of Tang Soo Do.

Grandmaster DiScipio has not only studied Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster Byrne for thirty years, but also with other great Tang Soo Do masters such as Grandmaster Dominic Giacobbe, Grandmaster Stumpf, Grandmaster Klingon, Grandmaster CS Kim, and Grandmaster Robert Beaudoin.  In an effort to expand his martial arts experience, GM DiScipio has attended many seminars including those taught by Grandmaster Bill (Superfoot) Wallace (Bill Wallace fighting system), Grandmaster Joe Lewis (Joe Lewis fighting system), Rick Mead (Judo), and Professor David Castoldi (Small Circle Jiujitsu).  GM DiScipio has taught his Street Practicle Self Defense System to a number of Boston Massachusetts law enforcement professionals and to the many who have attended his Personal Protection Workshops.

Recognizing Tang Soo Do is about balance between mind, body, and spirit, Grandmaster DiScipio's practice includes Mindfulness in conjunction with sparring, forms, and the other physical aspects of his art.  In his striving for growing connections, and constant improvement his studio is affiliated with Mindfulness Boston, an organization teaching meditative practice.  He is committed to the local community and was awarded the Key to the City by the Mayor of Medford, Massachusetts.  In 2016 he received his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Leslie University which is located in Cambridge Massachusetts.  In addition to helping students hone their Tang Soo Do skills he also provides them support and tools to develop as individuals and as part of their communities.

He was inducted into the ATA Hall of Fame in 2012 and continues to work today to foster connections between Tang Soo Do practitioners around the world, to develop and grow the art he loves and help others do the same.


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